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Commitment Angkasa Raya Steel

We are committed to contribute to the infrastructure of the Indonesian people with proud quality steel.

The main objective in all Angkasa Raya Steel activities is to contribute to the community by utilizing the best raw materials and the most innovative technology in the world for a variety of unique and highly functional steel pipes. Steel has long been a key ingredient for infrastructure development for a country's progress and remains indispensable in the future. As a steel pipe manufacturing plant, we proudly and sincerely carry the responsibility to meet the needs of modern society, including safety and environmental protection, by developing technology and products that are trusted in the world of steel pipes in Indonesia.

Angkasa Raya Steel has a consistent production and quality consistency that is trusted by customers and has been proven in its use in the project. This has brought a lot of trust from various distribution partners and fellow developers who have projects to the deepest corners of Indonesia. For our reputation, various requests for steel pipes from abroad also arrived and Angkasa Raya Steel succeeded in meeting the demand for supply by exceeding expectations.

To be able to supply customers on time, Angkasa Raya Steel continues to invest and expand its production base and sales network in Indonesia and abroad. We aim to build a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship between us and customers by providing products that are precise, consistent and trustworthy, exceeding expectations.

Everything that is done at Angkasa Raya Steel is always centered on our company's vision and mission. We proudly state that we are your best partner to supply quality steel pipes and we will do everything with extra effort to contribute to customer success.


To be the leading and most reliable steel pipe company because of its reputation for quality and service consistency. It is known as the basic benchmark of product quality and the standards of successful iron manufacturing business operations.


To produce the best steel pipes, set unbeatable high standards, by harmonizing the relationships between sources of raw materials, and our customers throughout the world. Become a reliable partner for a smooth, seamless and successful development project.


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