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Every step in all our operational activities is always passed with extra quality control measures.

Quality Culture of Angkasa Raya Steel Steel Pipe Products

Our commitment to provide the best is for the business success of our customers, and to have the opportunity to have a long-term relationship that continues.

Angkasa Raya Steel

5 Fundamental Principles of Corporate Culture

This process, which is a corporate culture, is used as a basic mechanism to ensure optimal quality and is also used to maintain the standards of Angkasa Raya Steel and improve performance.

A solid quality control program is essential for safe operations with the final product being accepted by the customers and the main markets we serve. The steel pipe products we supply to various development projects are an important key to the advancement of the Indonesian state and modern society. Angkasa Raya Steel always records quality documentation from the day of the results of each batch of production and every shipment that leaves the Angkasa Raya Steel facility can be traced back to the origin of the unit of raw material used. This can happen because of our ultimate goal for a perfection of services and products that we provide to customers. There will be no tolerance for quality, always the best quality at all times.

Our commitment to implementing the highest industry standards is aimed at customer satisfaction, and will always be our main goal accompanied by various efforts to continue to put emphasis on improving the quality of production and service.

Implementation of Quality Processes

Distribution of quality control pipe production check points ANGKASA RAYA STEEL


Before production

Selection and inspection of the best raw materials, to ensure quality raw materials.


During production

Sophisticated rolling, bending and cutting processes and skilled workers, with quality control and inspection at all times.


After production

Tests and measurements are a must to maintain product consistency and ensure optimal product performance.


Product Shipment

Proper packaging and structuring are important steps to prevent goods from being damaged during transportation.


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